Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can someone please explain those gloves?!

Tonight the Demandatron and I decided to jump on the American Idol bandwagon. We tuned in, we took notes and we wondered what in God's name Paula Abdul was wearing. It was fun.

I’m a little late to the Idol party, so it’s all new to me. Apparently there is a theme each week. The contestants select a song based on the theme. They practice for a week, then on night one everyone sings, “America votes”, and the next night someone is sent home (or wherever they were before they were “famous”). This week the competitors had to use a song that was written in the year they were born. Most of them were born in the ever popular 1980’s. Anyone who listened to music in the 80’s knows that there are TONS of great songs to choose from; unfortunately these people were potty training, not listening to the radio….

~Ramiele~Born 1987~Alone~
She’s a cute girl but 1987 is the year I graduated from High School and I can tell you that it wouldn’t have been hard at all to find a song that was better suited to her personality.
The judges said-So-so
We said-What IS Paula wearing?

~Jason~Born 1987~Fragile~
First, I must say, dreadlocks give me the creeps. I’m sorry; I bet he’s a really nice kid, but the hair, ick!
It’s probably not a good idea to use a song Sting made popular unless you are dang sure you can pull it off. No such luck here. It was okay, but boring.
The judges said-Good choice but safe
We said-Sorry, we were distracted by Paula’s get up.

~Syesha~Born 1987~If I Were Your Woman~
From the goofy little clip they played before she sang I was prepared to be annoyed by her. I’m not familiar with this song but she really did well and she has a very nice voice.
The judges said-Brilliant, Stellar, Fantastic, and Some Pig (just kidding)
We said-One of our favorites tonight

~Chikezie~Born 1985~If Only For One Night~
Not much we can say, it was really boring.
The judges said-Dawg, that was old school and cheesy
We said-Yawn

~Brooke White~Born 1983~Every Breath You Take~
Again, this is one you need to be pretty confident you can pull it off. I didn’t feel like she did. Maybe it was a bad song choice; I couldn’t real pick out anything that drew me to her. It was pretty flat. And during the critique she looked like she might cry.
The judges said-Interesting and better than last week (which I didn’t see, but it must have been pretty stinky).
We said-Will someone please make Paula take off those damn gloves?

~Michael Johns~Born 1978~We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions
This was great. Good song choice, fun. Two thumbs up.
The judges said-His best yet and he has star potential
We said-That was almost good enough to convince us to actually text in a vote.

~Carly~Born 1983~Total Eclipse of the Heart~
This seemed to be the perfect song choice for her (you can decide for yourself if that’s a positive or negative). She has a strong voice with a distinct sound, which is way better than the boring blonds, but I don’t know if it’s enough to win. (I sound like an American Idol pro don’t I? You would never guess this is the first time I’ve watched an entire episode would you?)
The judges said-Interesting, didn’t quite work and “did you see my hideous gloves?”

~David Archuleta~Born 1990~ You’re the Voice~
Nice voice and a catchy tune, but it seemed a little too High School Musical for me. My daughter loved it.
The judges said-Strange and reminded them of a theme park.
We said-There is only room for one Ryan in Gabriella’s life. Sorry.

~Kristy Lee Cook~Born 1984~God Bless the USA~
Seemed to fit her style. She was comfortable and confident singing it. It wasn’t a stretch for me to imagine her singing this song before the calf roping portion of a rodeo.
The judges said-Best performance by a mile, and good song choice.
We said-Not very risky

~David Cook~Born 1982~Billy Jean (but not Michael’s version) ~
I really didn’t like it. It wasn’t any one particular thing, it just bugged me. And his hair, what’s up with that?
The judges said-Amazing, Molten, and Brilliant
We said-What is in those big cups of theirs?

So, in conclusion: our favorites are Syesha and Michael Johns, and we might need someone to tell us the results of the voting because I honestly don’t think I can spend another night watching Miss Abdul be nuts.


blah blah blah said...

Who are Ryan and Gabriella, the Demandatron's friends? And that's your first Idol episode, before there were children and AAP restrictions on our household, I watched religiously. It was a guilty pleasure. I was often sad by the song choices or the "celebrity" choices, but oh well.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of this season but I would have loved to have seen those gloves.

Those glasses are filled with Coke...

and maybe a little (or alot) of Rum.


wesley's mom said...

Ryan and Gabriella are the fine thespians who make High School Musical the national treasure that it is. GOSH!

I seriously don't think I can watch American Idol twice a week for 10 weeks, Paula Abdul is a FREAK. ----

But maybe if I had a giant cup filled with rum.....

blah blah blah said...

I don't want to ruin anyone's life by spreading funny stories that are totally true, but here I go anyway. My friend Freddie is totally smitten with Paula Abdul. I can't figure it out. Something about the way she is so blatantly crazy maybe, I don't know maybe it's her fashion sense.


wesley's mom said...

That really is the kind of story that could ruin someone's life.

If that got around....