Thursday, February 28, 2008

Got a minute?

I had a lovely and informative chat with my mother today. As usual we covered important topics like the weather, spring cleaning, and telephones in the bathroom. Hers is sunny but chilly, she has started that cleaning (and with 5 children I should probably get started too, though she can’t imagine when I would) and she DOES have a phone in her bathroom (um, yuck!).

Then we moved on to the part, the BEST part, where she tells me all of the exciting things she’s been up to (did I mention the spring cleaning?), and all of the interesting stuff she knows about EVERYONE.

For example-
· When she showed her co-workers photos of my new niece and nephew (yep she’s showin’ those at work) she had to tell everyone which was which because they didn't even recognize them from their earlier photos—that’s how much alike they look.
Yeah, that’s cause they're twins who are 7 weeks old.

· Apparently my brother got a huge raise at work. And then drunk on something, he made the mistake of telling our mother who is now shouting the details from the rooftops.
I better be getting a NICE birthday gift is all I can say about that!

· Judy and her husband who visit their grandson Skye twice or more a year and stay at the hotel where my mom works are sooo glad she’s back from that medical leave she was on, because everything was all wrecked up in the mean time.
I really hope Skye gets over that rash, poor guy.

· My granny doesn’t care if the price of groceries increases because she and her husband have made a pact to continue eating all the artery clogging cuisine they currently enjoy, inflation be damned. I mean they are getting too old to make the trip to the Cracker Barrel more than once a week, if they have to eat in, they should be able to enjoy it.

There is quite a bit more, but I think a little mystery keeps our relationships the magical things they are.

If I didn’t tell your secrets, you’re so welcome.

Especially if you’ve had a “procedure” recently.


blah blah blah said...

They probably didn't recognize which was which because they weren't paying attention the first time because surprise surprise not everyone wantst to be bombarded with baby photos. Every week. Oh, maybe I should take my own advice here.

Yeah, that raise must have been huge, it was in the papers and fliers were sent out. We didn't even hear the news from him, must be the kind of thing that you don't want everyone to know. Pobably shouldn't have told your crazy mother than.

We all must be in a mood to spring clean around here because it's still so stinkin cold and we're hoping that if we sucker ourselves into some spring cleaning it will be spring. Thing is if I start spring cleaning I will probably wander into a wardrobe and not be seen again until it is spring. Might not be such a bad idea, especially with all those days off in a row and everything.


wesley's mom said...

I personally love the baby pictures, from the right person at the right time. So keep um coming.

If you have one of those wardrobes I'd waste no time using it. 6 days off in a row is 5 1/2 too many.