Friday, February 8, 2008

Break ups suck

Dear Blockbuster,

It seems our relationship has hit a rough patch. A quick review of my account should be enough to remind you of our long history. I have been loyal to you above all other forms of rental amusement, and you in turn have provided me with seemingly endless hours of entertainment. Our years together, I fear, are about to come to a tragic end.

My husband is angry with you. He is requesting that I boycott you in all forms. I feel that I need to support him in his battle for ethical treatment of renters of video entertainment,after all, he has (to my knowledge) never broken his blood oath to me that he would never shop at the evil Wal-Mart again.

Here’s the thing, I find you very convenient. I know my way around the store. Your online program is nice, though sometimes a bit slow, and if you keep raising the $$, I will be forced to go Netflix on you, but all in all I have been happy with you, even if that manager is a little condescending and a little too comfortable sharing her heath history.

I love watching movies, my husband, not so much, he can take them or leave them. He watches mostly to keep me happy. If it were me you had offended, I could give you another chance. Unfortunately it was my other half who came last night and rented that damaged disc. He doesn’t feel that in-store credit is going to cut it this time. (The nasal manager didn’t help either). He’s ready to take the substantial chunk of change our family drops on video rental annually and walk. After all he's done for me I will have no choice but to take one for the team. I will miss you but....

Surely you can see that it’s in everyone’s best interest to end this standoff peacefully. Just give him his money back and this whole ugly mess can go away, you will be forgiven and it will be forgotten.

A woman whose entertainment future is in your hands.

P.S. I know my dentist is paying you to keep all the teeth rot next to the cash register, if I go, I’m taking him with me.


blah blah blah said...

That's too funny, I hope you really sent a copy to them!

I too, have had to cut my ties with Blockbuster at my husband's request, it was difficult especially because I did it over the holidays and I like to rent Christmas movies from them but I have recovered.

Do you remember our blockbuster we rented from when you were here? Now it is half the size and home to a Starbucks. So after you get your $6 movie, your over priced candy and popcorn (that you have to pop at home) you can head next door and buy a $5 latte.


blah blah blah said...

Down with Blockbuster!

The online deal is actually pretty sweet, like $9.99 a month or something for unlimited rentals. The only problem was that June would only return a movie after watching it, and only watch it after she found it, and only find it after she lost it in our living room for three monthes.

So, at $9.99 a month for unlimited rentals we were paying about $25 per movie.

Down with Blockbuster!


Krista said...

We canceled Blockbuster and went with Netflix. When we first subscribed it was $17 a month and by the time we left they wanted to charge $29. Not to mention that the last time they raised it the movies started to take a lot longer to get here. Um... no thanks.

When I called to cancel they asked why. I explained it to them and the guy commented that I was his 'millionth' caller with the same complaint.

We have been perfectly happy with Netflix.