Monday, February 25, 2008

Come on Down!!!

Unlike some other members of my family I am not a huge fan of The Price is Right.

I’ve seen it plenty of times, and even remember the olden days of my youth when The Price is Right was prime time worthy (along with the Mandrel Sisters and BJ and the Bear), but I have never had the desire to watch daily and try to out bid the showcase showdown contestants. I knew that Bob Barker had retired (he just retired, he’s not dead, right?), I was aware that after much debate Drew Carey and not Rosie O’Donnell had been selected as the new host (I may not watch TPR, I do however watch Inside Edition {faithfully}), but I have not had the opportunity to see Mr. Carey work his magic.


Last week I had a sick day and was banished to my bed. As I lay there trying to not think about all of the laundry I was not doing I had a chance to catch Drew in action. Well, “action” might not be the right word. See, for someone surrounded by so many energetic contestants he seem quite subdued. As for the spaying and neutering of my pets, I got the feeling his heart wasn’t really in it when he suggested I have it done.

Maybe he was having a sick day too.

Is there something I am missing? Bob Barker never jumped around but he had a “presence” that the current host is lacking. Has The Price is Right run its course? Can Plinko survive with out Bob? Fill me in, what’s the appeal? Or is there one anymore?


blah blah blah said...

They just keep it on because it's the longest running gameshow. I think all the publicity about who would replace Bob Barker (he's still alive) was an attempt to bring in viewers. But the price is right is no Whose Line Is It or whatever that show was called that he was on before.


wesley's mom said...

I asked some serious fans(S&H)about it and they confirmed that it sucks now. They don't even watch anymore, which is sad, they had their girl trained to recognize the theme song.

blah blah blah said...

I must say that I always thought that the show sucked. Maybe Drew feels like it is a post that is bellow him.
I also thought that Bob would be on forever. I was under the impression that he had made the same deal with the devil that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards had made.

Serious Fans(S&H)? Surely not the same S&H whom I am thinking of right now? Right?


wesley's mom said...

Oh, the very same. H's whole family, had t-shirts made and went to TPIR-pre drew of course. They love it, well they used to, I hear her grandfather won't even allow mention of it in his home these days.

If Drew feels that it's beneath him, why then did he take the job in the first place? Does he have some sort of grudge, maybe he didn't make it out of contestants row and now he wants to bring the whole show down?