Thursday, January 17, 2008

This morning I awoke to several unpleasant situations, sick kids, sick dog (OOO, so yucky!), wet sheets (oh, how I tire of washing the bedding), cranky husband, but the very worst of all was that my son had spilt (it was an "accident") an entire bowl of Lucky Charms (not so lucky after all) on the computer keyboard. I think, all things considered (including the non-repentant attitude of a certain cereal spilling teenager) that I handled it pretty well. I didn't scream, not even at the dog, I didn't whine, there wasn't really time and I didn't tell my cranky husband to get over it (which took great restraint). I expressed my disappointment, I shampooed the carpet, I bought Canada Dry and some Parmesan Goldfish crackers, then I spent several hours finding and returning and finding another keyboard.

I should be working now, but now I have this really cool new cordless keyboard (with matching mouse!) and I wanted to use it for play, not work.

Besides, I have earned a break, right?

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