Monday, January 14, 2008


I had a pretty exciting weekend.

Saturday morning I was on my way to stay with my nieces and I stopped to get doughnuts (because I believe in bribery way more than I believe in nutrition) and I noticed that there were 18 or more handicapped parking spaces at the grocery store. The parking lot was nearly empty but I still had to walk half a mile to get to the store. Seriously, 20 handicap spaces. I shop a lot, and at all different times of the day and night and I have NEVER seen 20 handicapped shoppers at once in any store I’ve been in. It’s crazy! I got my doughnuts, hiked back to my car and headed over to my brother’s house.
Here’s a little etiquette lesson: If you call your sister on Friday night at 9pm and ask her to be at your house (in Timbuktu, because you decided to live WAY on the other side of town) at 7:30 am, for Petes sake, be awake, answer your door. Don’t wait until she has sent you 3 text messages and the neighborhood watch is on her back (which, by the way, they wouldn’t have to be if they would just get their stupid gate fixed--so much for the security of a “Gated Community”). He finally woke up and let me in. My sister-in-law is heavily medicated due to some serious back pain, which is why I was there in the first place, so she could go have an MRI, so, by default my brother is in charge. It’s not pretty I tell you. His idea of a day out with the girls is to take them to The Bass Pro Shop to see the “raging river”, and to check out this seasons camo patterns.

Later in the day, I saw a Ron Paul Revolution banner. It was one where the “love” part looks like it has been stamped on backwards. This one had red glitter all over the love portion, proving for certain that 9 year old girls support Ron Paul.

Saturday afternoon I watched GOLDFINGER. If you haven’t seen it lately, you should pick it up. If you have never seen it-Shame on you! It’s a classic.
The opening scene is great. It takes place in Miami Beach, and James is wearing what looks like a terry cloth “jumper”, short pants, powder blue, with an elastic belt. He is at a resort where Goldfinger is also a guest. Coincidence, I think not! We see Mr. G playing cards with another old guy. Goldfinger is cheating. Why on earth does he need to cheat? Is it just for fun? He doesn’t need the money, he’s Goldfinger for crying out loud! Another thing, Goldfingers’ ring looks like a soda bottle lid spray painted gold, we soon learn that he is a certified jeweler. No wonder he has to steal gold; he’s not making any money off those rings.

Then we come to the golf scene, how James plays in those tight pants is a mystery, even more of a mystery is where did he conceal that gold bar? That had to be uncomfortable. Odd Job caddies all day and never breaks a sweat, what a champ, the grunting is a little much though.

I was a little worried that during James’ night run to the gold foundry that the blue straps on his backpack were going to give him away. You’d think that a place that can make oil slickers for your car could make sure your whole get up was black!!

My final remark on the movie is this. How is it that a woman named Pussy Galore would be offended by suggestive remarks. Come on!! Quite unbelievable, everything else had me hooked, but that…….

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