Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh how I wish

I wish I could tell you that I didn’t eat half of the delicious veggie pizza that we had for dinner last night because I have self control and I know when to say “Enough”

I wish I could tell you that The Chipmunk movie was “cute” and had some redeeming qualities and that I didn’t keep checking my watch to see how much longer I would be subjected to the singing rodent torture technique

I wish this was a post about how I was able to con my husband into going to see Charlie Wilson’s War with me even though it’s rated R and he has sworn not to see R movies anymore, and oh how I wish I could tell you that he did not have to say “Get thee behind me Satan” to me while I was trying to convince him

I wish I could tell you that since I was able to corrupt my husband I didn’t go see I Am Legend, and I wish I could tell you that someone had warned me not to, not because it was scary, but because it made no sense at all, I wish I could tell you that someone in Hollywood has finally realized that the Fresh Prince has reached his limits and though he has saved our planet many, many, times he can do it no more


But alas, I have zero self control and the pizza was so delicious and I don’t really like cold or reheated pizza, so I had to take advantage of its yummy veggie freshness. Sadly this is not a “lesson learned” for me, I know in my heart that the next time the veggie pizza darkens my doorstep I will gorge myself again.

The Chipmunk movie was not redeeming in any way, any way at all, except that my kids enjoyed it so I guess that made it not a complete waste of my time (unlike the grown man two rows up from us who was there ALONE!!).

Yes, my husband did invoke Satan’s name, but I tell you on this morning of regrets, the worst part of that situation is not that my husband thinks I am evil, but that I actually sat through all of I Am Legend.


Katie said...

I linked over from Liz... I am also hooked on the caucases right now (or politics) it is captivating me.. but it kind of makes me sick that we have to wait awhile for the results... would you divulge about who you like?(I swear I am not a crazy person... well- kind of)

wesley's mom said...

I am honestly undecided right now.
I think if it comes down to Mitt and Obama, I will vote for Mitt. I am not really a McCain fan, and if it came to say, a race between Hillary and The Huck, whew, I really don't know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to burn that bridge.

wesley's mom said...

I should have said, I really like Obama more than most of the others, and I don't think Mitt is going to get the nomination anyway.