Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire

I have the flu, at least I hope it’s the flu, whatever it is I hope it goes away soon. It is keeping me from my diligent coverage of the presidential primaries. Last night my daughter asked how much longer we had to watch the “New Hampsterdam” show, and I was so weakened I let her switch back to the Biggest Loser. I did catch enough to make these observations-

1. Grant Woods is TOTALLY sucking up to McCain. (Can you say Attorney General of the Whole Big USA?) Don’t fall for it comeback kid.

2. Barack Obama looks tired, maybe someone should get him a Naked Juice and a multivitamin.

3. I miss Dan Rather. I bet he would have had some words of wit and wisdom last night.

4. Mitt Romney needs to work at not letting the Olympics become his 9-11.

“There have been three races so far. I’ve gotten two silvers and one gold.” –Mitt

Michigan is next. I don’t even get to vote until next month. The anticipation is killing me!

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