Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucus Report

Note: Some events not as current as they could be-posting was delayed by my sister-in-laws back going out. I have been watching my nieces all day so their mom can rest, one of them has on a shirt that says “My dads bass is bigger than your dads bass”, I MUST have a chat with my brother, this can not continue.

In other news, justice in Pakistan will not be held up by the chasing of the wild geese. What a relief, I was worried they would not take this terrorist situation seriously.


Caucus Results and Analysis

1st-Mike Huckabee-Looks like there is a market for the kind of crazy he is selling after all.
2nd- Mitt Romney
3rd-Fred Thompson
Coming in 6th (behind Ron Paul) was Rudy who said “9-11, blah, blah, we’re saving ourselves for Florida, blah, 9-11, blah, blah”

1st Barrack Obama-No jokes here, I think it is amazing that a black man came in 1st on a night with huge voter turnout in a state whose population is 94.9% white. Congratulations.
2nd John Edwards-whose hair looked fabulous
3rd Hillary Clinton

There were a lot of great quotes last night but this one has to be my favorite. Someone on MSNBC asked
“Can Republicans get over their abject hate of Mike Huckabee?”

Well,I’m not sure if I can but it looks like they did in Iowa.

Stay tuned, New Hampshire is only a few days away.

Oh yeah, I guess I am a little bit of a political junkie/dork after all.

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