Thursday, January 3, 2008

Enchanted (my house, not the movie)

I used to think that my children didn’t change the toilet paper roll because they lacked the dexterity, then I thought they were just lazy, and for a week or two I thought they were out to drive me insane.
But what if it’s none of those things, what if they think we have pixies? So many things happen magically around here.

Dirty clothes disappear from floors and reappear clean in the laundry room.

Once or twice a week new food materializes in our pantry.

Things spill on the floor and counter and later vanish without explanation.

Our pets are fed once or twice a week, yet they survive, and never lose a pound.

So why not the toilet paper too? When you live in an enchanted house, one that knows and meets your every need, why would it ever cross your mind to change the roll when the Charmin is gone, and if you must get out another roll, go ahead, leave it on the floor, and don’t worry that you or your brothers will splash on it. The pixies will sanitize it. With their tiny little sanitizing wands.

I hope my children are all able to afford a fancy home of their own someday.

I cannot wait to visit them there.

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