Thursday, January 31, 2008

Art, I like it!

Ladies and Gentlemen I present the the art of William Barnhart, an extremely talented and accomplished artist, whose presentation of the human form is unrivaled.

His pieces are displayed in galleries around the world and here on my blog.

His new building is amazing; a working studio and gallery where nearly all of the construction has been done by the artist. Metal work, glass work, concrete work, I could go on and on.

The studio is located at 506 N Center St. Mesa, Az. The official grand opening is not for a month or two but if you stop in, he might give you a tour.

1 comment:

theartmkr said...

wow........you must be really special to have such a great artist do your portrate. The paintings of you and your husband are super-de-dooperdy world class art....really......they are like McCool. also, didn't know you were such an experienced blogger.