Friday, December 14, 2007


Last night the mother of our son’s good friend called me (at 10p.m, way past the hour I am accustomed to making polite small talk). She heard from her son that our son was getting a video game system for Christmas. Our son told her son (the grapevine is long and especially tangled when 14 year old boys are involved) that we (his parents) would only pay for ½ of said gaming system and that our son(the poor lad) was going to have to –try not to faint—EARN the money for the rest.

The conversation went like this

Other mother-“When my son told me you were making your son earn the money I thought maybe you were trying to trick him so he would be surprised when he got one for Christmas.”

Me-“Nope. We have explained to our children that we will not pay for anymore video game systems. The only reason we have been conned into paying half is that we are drunk with Christmas cheer.”

Other mom-“So, why is it you don’t want to buy any more video games?”

I am almost speechless, (not really, I am never, almost or any other kind of speechless).

Me-“Well, I think they are a waste of time and money, they turn your brains to mush (that is a scientifically proven fact), and I can’t stand all of the arguing over whose turn it is. ”


Other mom “Really?”


She then began to tell me how much fun she personally thinks video games are and that she has purchased a few for herself this Christmas, including ROCK STAR, which is going to be such a BLAST!!! –That’s a quote; she actually used the word BLAST.

Other mom-“I mean, like, how will your kids be able to defend themselves against the virtual evils they will meet in their virtual lives?”

Not really, I made that part up.

The rest is all true. Sad, huh?

To which I could only say “Wow.” Not an enthusiastic wow, more like its 10:00 and I am missing the best of Leno (writers strike, you know), for this, wow.

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