Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please accept my heartfelt apology

I apologize –

To everyone on my gift list who lives out of state, your gifts are going to be late, I ran out of time.

To my sons who are tired of listening to Christmas music.

To anyone for whose child I have purchased a WEBKINZ this year, yes, I know I have consistently waxed on (and on) about the evils of the stuffed animal. What can I say; at least it’s not playdoh.

To everyone who unfortunately witnessed my outfit and yesterdays hair at Costco this morning, I hope you can recover before Christmas.

To my neighbors who will probably not be receiving home made treats from my kitchen this year. Like I said, “Out of time.”

To anyone who’s Christmas card got returned to me because I forgot you moved and the lame mailman brought it back to me instead of taking it on to you. I still hope you have a Merry Christmas, and your card is at my house if you want to pick it up.

To the family of the woman I sat behind at Annie Jr. last night, my mom wears mini skirts too, I feel for ya. Someone should stop them, but it probably ain’t gonna be me.

To everyone coming to my house for Christmas Eve, my house is a wreck, at least you didn’t have to have it at your house, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

To my family because every year I turn into Clark Griswold on crack, I have grand visions of family togetherness and perfect holidays. You know (and I know) that I have ideals so lofty that no family could ever achieve them and you love me anyway and play along every year. Thanks!! That is the true spirit of Christmas.

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