Thursday, December 27, 2007

Midol take me away--PLEASE!!

I detest PMS.

I can’t stand feeling out of control for 2 or 3 days, then it finally dawning on me that I am not in fact crazy, just hormonal ( is there a difference?). I hate that I do not even have a uterus, just ONE (apparently fully functioning) ovary. So, technically is it really P-M-S? It’s not “pre” anything, I am not menstruating, and syndrome makes it sound like a birth defect. Because I have just one ovary, my pms is completely unpredictable. It’s not every 28 days or even every 56 days, no, it’s completely random. I hate it. Crying over everything, eating every sweet, salty, and sour thing in a 100 mile radius, crying, eating, crying…..

Tomorrow I will probably wake up feeling fine. The last 4 days will seem like a bad dream. The only evidence will be the empty potato chip bags and the wary look in my husband’s eyes.

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