Thursday, December 6, 2007

made by me #2

I decided to make these POOL NOODLE SWORDS after my sister-in-law told me what a fun time my (grown, soon to be a father of twins) brother had with the set he (recently) made for himself. I did a search, thinking I would find a couple of pictures to use here. HA!!

Little did I know.

The technical name for the pool noodle sword is a Boffer. (I will be sticking with the old fall back-pool noodle sword. Boffer is just not sitting well with me.) Having found the proper name I expanded my search and found that there are MANY, grown men with too much time on their hands, I mean, informative sites out there where you too can learn the art of Boffer construction, as well as how to make endless other “weapons” from PVC and foam, (the neighborhood mothers will be happy to hear, I draw the line at swords, so your children are still (mostly) safe here). A few sites even remind us that safety is first and foremost when dueling.

Not only are the instructions available, but there are organized Boffing leagues—I am not even kidding (oh, how I wish I were). Teams to join, waivers to sign, you can also make your own homemade chainmail for added protection—I didn’t click there, it’s already WAY more than I ever wanted to know.

Merry Christmas Boys!!

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wesley's mom said...

I hope you noticed that it a picture of GROWN MEN!!