Thursday, November 29, 2007

to all a goodnight

There is a situation, actually a series of situations that we encounter every night at bedtime. It appears that rather than having a bedtime routine for our children, they have one for us. It goes like this.

9pm (give or take)-we read scriptures as a family and have family prayer. Then an announcement is made for all to brush their teeth WITH TOOTHPASTE (this is important, some of our children do not see the value of cavity prevention). Immediately following the hygiene instructions the younger two (who are 7 and 9) begin vying for choice sleeping locations. The best spots are in my bed. The reasons for this range from not wanting to sleep alone to really wanting a chance to scratch Dad’s back (this is sooo cheating, like Dad would EVER turn down a good –or even mediocre- back scratching.)
Eventually everyone finds a place to sleep and I head downstairs for a few minutes of wit gathering before I pass out from exhaustion.

Am I the only one who needs to be alone at the end of the day? Am I so awful because it annoys me to no end that my children want to sleep with my husband and I every single stinking night? I wish I were one of those moms who loved to lay down with my children at night and listen to them breathe. But I am just not. –In my defense, I am usually quite pleasant in the morning, by bedtime I am spent.

I crave the quiet. I want to be alone. I want to watch things on TV that are not Hannah Montana. I like to have a glass of soda that is backwash free. If that makes me a monster then so be it. But NOO, it is not to be.

Within 10 minutes of the final goodnights our 14 year old is back down to” tell me something”.
Back up.
*2 minutes pass16 year old, just wanted to give me one more kiss.—this boy is only affectionate after 8pm, when he might catch a glimpse of Law and Order.*2 minutes pass14 year old, needs a drink*2 minutes pass14 year old-“looking for my wallet” ARGHH!

Do they suspect I am having crazy fun without them? Can they just not bear to be apart from me? I know I will miss it someday when I am old and no one wants to give me one more kiss. But maybe, just once a week………

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fMhLisa said...

I can so see this being my life in a few more years. Right now the kids do this but it's a couple hours earlier and the excuse is not wallet but "scary blanket". I stay up way to late at night just because I want a chance to be alone. Bad habit.