Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sparkles and such

Last night I went to one of those “low pressure” home parties—which in themselves are another topic for another day. It was a glittery jewelry party, which is really not my thing as I hardly wear jewelry and never the glittery kind. ANYWAY, I browsed the selection and then headed into the kitchen, because food is totally my thing, even the glittery kind. I stumbled into a conversation already in progress. Several of the “lipstick/sparkle” girls were there discussing boob jobs. It was an awkward moment when I realized I was the only gal in the room who hasn’t had one and doesn't want one.

“Well, I’m having mine redone in couple of years. I had them done, and then I had a baby”

Groans all around, this is apparently a bad thing, for some reason I am not privy to.

“I had mine totally reconstructed”

Something about nipple directionage.

“I’ve had people ask why I went so big.” WHO?? “I tell them, I paid 8 grand for these things, I want everyone to know I had a boob job.”


I just sort of eased myself out of the room, after all I had nothing to add, except—“You women are CRAZY!!”
I have “views” on breast augmentation. Mind you I have a gold plated soapbox in my family room, I have “views” on LOTS of things, but when did this just become so common place? There seems to be an unspoken competition between women. Not to be the best mom or the best homemaker, those events still exist, but they have been surpassed by the “Never in a Million Years Could You do all of Your Mom Stuff and still Look like THIS” competition. The hair, the nails, the clothes, the Boobs!

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