Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pink Houses

Around the corner some of our neighbors have painted their house pink. Pepto pink, with a nice rose trim. It's only been about a week and the first 20 or 30 times you drive by, you gasp. My 7 year old daughter LOVES it. She has had her eye on a purple house near her school. Finally having a pink house in her own neighborhood is more than she could have hoped for.It's a bit bold for my taste, but having the option is one thing I love about living in the "HOA free zone". (That and the fact that I can leave my valentine decorations up until Easter.) Our streets have character and charm. We don't all have to agree on what constitutes "charm". So, yesterday a friend who lives in another neighborhood came by and she said,"I'm so sorry your neighbors painted their house pink."I laughed. It's pink but I didn't realize sympathy was in order.She was serious!! "Maybe they hate Mormons." she said.


1. Why on earth would you garner that a pink house means mormon hater? (our neighborhood is about 70% lds)

2. Am I naive? Would someone go to such lengths to annoy? I mean it's really pink.

3. Are some of my lds friends so sensitive that they would perceive an ugly house to be an insult somehow directed at their faith?Really, it's kind of funny to me. Should I be worried about the "evil antis" in the bubble gum house?
P.S. The house at the top is NOT our pink house.

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