Thursday, October 18, 2007

bad habits

I have confession, I watch reality T.V. Not only do I watch it, I ENJOY it. I know it is scandalous. If I am not going to be home I record America’s Next Top Model, I know, it’s pathetic. I love to see the girls get made up and the clothes and the DRAMA. The makeover episode is my favorite. I love Tyra, and Mr. Jay and Nigel. Twiggy gets on my nerves and Miss J, gives me the creeps.

I watch Survivor, yes, I know, they all lie, I know that having a boob job will definitely earn you a spot in a remote location, and I know that without an alliance and some serious trickery no one stands a chance of winning that million bucks.
I am ashamed. I feel like reality T.V. is dumb. And that by watching I am getting dumb(er).

Still I watch.


Wait—there’s more. I also watch BIG LOVE, and I really like it. I surely could be cast out of the inner circle at park day. I can’t help it. I love watching Bill deal with his wives, and I can’t stand that stinking Nicki, and Roman…….

So, my secret is out, sorta. It could be worse, right?

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