Friday, May 18, 2007

Lucky Me

Mornings are insane at our house, five kids, three bathrooms, lunches to pack, socks to find, homework to finish(UGH!!!), real and imagined offenses run amuck, you get the picture. Most days I am just relieved and exhausted when the door closes behind the last little chatterbox. They leave and then I go about the business of anxiously waiting for them to come home so I can be pleasant afternoon mom, instead of hurry, hurry, we're going to be late morning mom.

Twice this week something strange has happened. I drop my little sweeties off at school and as I am driving away I am overcome with love and gratitude not only for my children but for my whole life(on one of these mornings I actually CRIED all the way home). This is odd for a few reasons. First, I know I have a great life, but I am not one of those gals who goes around praising the heavens for all my "blessings". I know I am blessed, I am just private, plus any fool can see I have a great family! Second, I was listening to morning radio, which is so not conducive to feelings of sentimental joy. Third, the whole morning ritual doesn't really lend its self to overwhelming love.

So what's the deal? PMS? Menopause? Armageddon? Who cares, right? I am just glad that somewhere inside me is the ability to spontaneously feel gratitude and love. And I hope I am somehow able to pass that ability on to my sweet beautiful children. The world can't have too many grateful loving people, can it?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

why bother?

So, I'm sitting around having my afternoon snack (all of my chores are done, really) and I notice that the pringles can from which my snack cometh has "nutritional information" printed on the side. Not only in english but also in spanish. Few points here.

1. Can't they call it something else? Do the folks over at pringles expect us to believe for a second that pringles, which are not even real chips, have any nutritional value? Maybe the header could be "What's in this crap." or "It's tasty, but that's about it and here's the proof."

2. Only those of us who speak spanish or english get to know just how bad off we are for giving in to our demons and indulging in a delicious serving(or three) of Spider-Man trivia Pringles.

3. Honestly, people who eat pringles care nothing about their nutritional intake. If we did we sure wouldn't be eating pringles.
4. It is so sad that I am spending my afternoon eating and writing about junk food.